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Inspired from Derek Sivers’ https://nownownow.com

As of 28. April 2023

Schoolwork has forced me to look for freedom in planning, timeblock planning (and as explained be Cal himself) to be precise. Listening to Deep Questions podcast and after having read “Deep Work” and Cal Newport many other books i’m slowly finding satisfaction and hope in more intentional time use.

I’ve managed adding journaling, more mindfulness (and get better along with anger and other emotions), more waterintake (for the first 10 hours after waking up), more schoolwork, the occasional housecleaning. Going to a creative writing workshop once a month.

Since spring 2020 i’m listening to Podcasts constantly and also the occasional audiobook.

Other themes:
– working on my day job;
– being a parent to several kids of different ages;
– working on my masters program at the UT;
– learning metta or loving kindness practise (seemed cheese until i read “Peak mind” and now i learn it through Gil Fronsdale lectures https://www.audiodharma.org/series/1/talk/1728/ from 2010)
– loving paper but hating the hassle of it and resorting to digital again and again;
– learning again how to focus;
– looking for a creative outlet (thinking of writing stories or poems, painting or sketching);
– looking to join up jujitsu again;
– developing habits using an app called Streak to:
—-read actual books everyday;
—-tidy up and clean more around the house couple of time per week;
—-write a personal reflexion every day;
—-express something creative couple of times a week;
—-get more mindful minutes every day (ideally several times a day);
—-do some homework for school every day (even after the school year has ended);
—-not lose my temper with others;
—-stop using a computer or a smartphone after 21.

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