Olulisem, kui kirjutis, on see, kes loeb


Huberman Lab A very evidence based overview of different health aspects.

Rough translation Consistenly good content for general interest. One of the first ones.

Invisibilia A detailed look behind the scenes of human behaviour.

Revisionist History One of the best voices in podcasting and best storytelling combined with several layers of ideas.

Cautionary tales It’s like a detective story only without the blood and gore and malicious intent of true crime.

Where should we begin? with Esther Perez A reflective look on relationship dynamics which can give some hope and balance.

Go and See A detailed look at a Lexus car manufacturing. Since i loved Revisionist History and Malcolm Gladwell then this was certainly something to try and if you you listen to one podcast series about cars then this should be it.

Libauudised A short, daily and topical and consistently absurd and funny comedy show.

Science Rules An entertaining general purpose science show with questions and ideas that resonate with the “everyday man”.

Hurry slowly With occasional good episodes on the first couple of seasons (like the ones about analogue life aso).

Simplify Topic specific talks with experts mostly on behaviour and psychology and productivity.

Your undivided attention Discussions on the influence of big tech and it’s influence on behaviour.

Deep Questions Insights to classical focused life. The author of many productivity books approaches work and study topics from the actionable view.

The Rich Roll podcast Long form interviews with personalities on creativity, fitness, living life and plant based nutrition.

Ten Percent Happier Discussions and interviews on meditation, happiness and social change by an actual journalist.

Making Sense with Sam Harris A rational and mindfulness oriented talks and interviews on current and existential, personal topics.

The Classical Ideas Podcast A discussion on general topics on religion and some philosophy.

In Our Time: History A very British discussion on specific historical subjects by actual experts.

Tricycle Talks An introduction to the magazine by the same name. It has quite many in depth coverings.

Stephen Fry’s 7 Deadly Sins/ Great Leap years A modern doable morality for the godless age. Previously it covered breakthrough technology inventions.

Sudhir Breaks the Internet An overview of different aspects of interculture

Choiceology with Katy Milkman A very clear and relatable psychology populizer (in a good way).

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend The best (the one with the jokes) comedy and interview show.

Tim Ferris Show A sometimes informative and enjoyable long form interview with a range of topics.